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Tito Ortiz complainer thread = Only for ppl who complain about rashad!


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Do not move this post. All people who want to say that


- Rashad doesn't deserve a title shot, the fight should have been stopped, he got lucky, rampage won it easily, rashad lied, rashad suks, rashad this rashad that.


SHOULLLDDD post here because you should know that your acting like Tito Ortiz.


Just accept it dumba$$es. Rashad OWNED OWNED OWNED rampage and im not a fan. I like rashad. yes i do. but im not a big fan. I wasn't that excited about this fight, but i watched it anyways and rampage got his a$$ kicked other than his flurry of punches in the 3rd round.



so all you people who are tito ortizes can post here on how much you hate rashad, so NO ONE ON THIS FORUM CAN DEAL WITH YOUR DUMBA$$ES again and we can move on to chuck liddell vs rich franklin.




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lol keep em coming. haha. barackbama guy had the first complainign threqad about how hard life must be to be a rashad fan. haha. i hope you know that your complaining to yourself. hahaha. keep em coming PU$$IES





Your weird as **** yoo. we tried of the garbage you bring in here including yourself.Get sum P-ussy P-ussy

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Y do people hate Rashad so much? I think he seems like a sound guy. Evry1 who boos him is a c*nt! I think hes a great fighter and although the guy who started this is a wee bit mental, u gotta agree with him that Rashad dominated in evry department

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