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Rampage v Machida?


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I think this should be the next fight for these two. Both are coming off a loss in their last fights and i think it would be a great fight. I think machida would probably win with him countering rampage alot but you never know rampage could knock him the **** out (look at lyotos last fight). Would anyone else liked to see this fight?

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The difference is Rua is fast and does more than throw 2 punches.

Add in Lyoto trying to push some aggressiveness and he got KTFO.


Rampage would have a hard time landing anything if Lyoto went back to his defensive ways.


Lyoto sure as hell wouldn't KO page, but Rampage sure would be ineffective against him.


Rua can throw kicks, throw combos, has speed and a ground game.

What does Rampage bring other than hard slow punches and walking like a robot directly towards his opponent?

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