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Rampage @ hw


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No, he just needs to avoid layoffs now that he signed a lengthy contract. Still pissed he didn't finish Rashad when he had the chance, for that, he deserved to lose. Heavyweight would do him no good, unless he fought Cro-Cop or someone else on the downside of their career.

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In no way am I a rampage fan. But the propostion of him fighting at heavyweight makes a lot of sense, and at the same time doesn't.


Quinton "Rampage" Jackson

6'1 ft / 31 yrs / 30-8-0 rcd

Style: Boxing, Wrestling



*Easier Preperation for fights

*The whole fighters legacy thing

*Alot of interesting match up's



*The size of today's HW Division fighters

*Learning curve

*Superior Wrestlers (pretty much a must have in the division)


He'll definently lose some edge, but it he'll also gain some safe ground. It's very possible for him, but I don't see it happening. He'd lose the size and strength advantage (his bread and butter) and it would be a serious lurning curve to fight in the HW division the way it is now.

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rampage is the perfect size for LHW. ok maybe not for this fight he looked out of shape due to the weight he had to loose + cutt. but when he's in peak shape he's the perfect size for a LHW.


maybe 2 years ago he'd have been able to compete at heavyweight as he is now, but the way HW is now he's way to small. he weights 250 after a year lay off, which admitedly is at the higher end of the HW weight range. but when you think guys like brock and shane carwin have to cut weight to make 265 when their in peak shape. its not enough.


moving up to HW is the last thing anyone that can make 205 should be doing. their are even a few long time heavy weights i think should be looking to drop down. big nog looks like he could easily make 205, steffan struve, and gilbert yvel all should if they can.


the jurys still out on JDS and cane, i wanna see how they do against the likes of carwin and brock. they should probably just bulk up some. they both weigh roughly 240 thats less than forrest griffin and tito walk around at.


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Thats why i was commenting on a thread about weight class changes.Maybe a weight divsion from 205 to 225 and heavyweight 225 -265.This way a guy like rampage could compete and guys like crocop dos antos could cut enough to fight there too.No matter how good coutoure was he had a real hard time with brocks size but he waould have a shot against the smaller heavyweights.

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