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Who in the world would miss the Expendables???


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Yeah OP...I think you overestimated the average individuals excitement for this movie.


My expectation is the majority don't really care....and may eventually get around to seeing it if the reviews are good...but...if they hear it's a total **** movie....I don't think many will lose sleep from not having seen it.


Add to the fact that Couture is a MUCH better FIGHTER....than he is an ACTOR.





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Yeah I know man but I tend to lean alot of my attention toward the horror genre' date=' so the action stars of yester-year dont have the same sentimental value for me.[/quote']


Horror has never been good. The one movie that was suppose to be horror that was good wasn't horrifying at all "Jaws". All horrors end the same. Everyone except the main character dies, or they all die.

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