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The young assassin ready for a title shot. lol


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What's his record?I know it's solid.They haven't fed him any competition.I'm wondering why.I know he was tested for something back when' date='but he has a lot of potential.Still young.Everytime I see him he's destroying someone.Why hasn't he been under the radar at all?[/quote']


yea 34 fights and he's only 27, but he's a way of a shot

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Guillard has competed with alot of the whos who in the LW division. After switching to Greg Jacksons camp only good things can come of it, and hes very young.


Hes jumping the gun a bit but he should definitly start being considered for title contention within the next 2-3 years

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i dont know what made lol more him saying that or Tim sylvia saying "I'm back" when

he beat pudz


who else thinks that was a fail and did you see how joe just brushed it to one side. lol


Melvin is a JOKE and has a big mouth !

He has got to be kidding.......if he goes to the ground he will get submitted again ...as usual....i think his brain capacity is very limited.....hes all mouth!

The UFC should have canned this guy along time ago!

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