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Shogun Vs. Rashad


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I've been thinking about this fight and I think Rashad might beat him not by a KO or anything but by decision. I believe he will just wrestle until he wins. Even if he does win i'm not going to become the biggest Rashad fan ever Shogun will still be my boy but im actually nervous about this one.


So do you actually think Rashad will beat him or what?

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Rashad will have a bit of trouble taking him down, but Rashad will have a lot of trouble keeping him there.


Rashad wants no part of the clinching game with Shogun, because it is just bad news in general. You clinch, you eat knees. The longer you clinch, the further you put yourself in danger of losing via devastating fashion.


As for the stand up.. it is 100% Shogun. Shogun has cleaner, more technical striking.. along with excellent one strike power. He also has great defensive hands. Rashad drops his hands a lot and throws out a jab that is very lazy sometimes. Lazy jabs are not a good combination with a technical striker.



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Going to wrestle for 5 rounds?

3 rounds Rashad has it in the bag.

An extra 10 minutes... not so much.


IMO, that is a dangerous comment. In the bag? I have never seen any fighter have a fight with Shogun in the bag.


I have seen fighters better than Rashad all around lose to Shogun via both devastating fashion and via a robbed decision.


Beating Shogun is extremely hard to do any day of the week for any fighter.

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