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Undisputer 2010 help


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ok so i made myself a Fedor

i tore up the HW division, winning the title and all and i got the opportunity to move down to LHW so i said yes


i had 1 fight in LHW and won and the next opponents it gave me to choose from were all HW's so i figured i was back up in HW.


but ive been beating everyone and never got a title shot, so i looked at the rankings and im not even ranked in HW but im #2 LHW but i cant fight LHW's it only gives me HW's but never the title shot at Kongo (haha)


so basically im a LHW fighter killing HW's and never gettin my shot


is this a glitch? someone help me out here

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yes it is a glitch and im glad im not the only one with this problem, i was at welterweight and went up to middleweight, after my win in mw they put me back down to ww and now i cant do anything :/ i even re-won the ww title and they took it away from me because i was a mw

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