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Artist v.s. Art


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I've read a few posts on here argueing that this art is better than that..ground game over stand up..stand up is better than ground..this art is useless..this one will make you a champion.


My question is this. What is more important, the art practiced by a fighter, or the fighter himself?


I'll present it like so. Most people seem to believe that Taekwondo is useless as a fighting art (i disagree but i'm biased as a practice it quite frequently among others) Alot of people also feel as though Muay Thai is a greatly useful art (i believe it is also) However, if you have two great martial artists..one primarily TKD trained and the other primarily Muay Thai..does the muay thai guy automatically win everytime? Just because the guy trains Muay Thai does that make him a better fighter? Make him automatically not a ****? Maybe I'm presenting this wrong but I think the fighter is more important than the art..because i respect all arts as dangerous if in the right hands.


Your thoughts? Am I an idiot?

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I don't think there's a clearcut answer to the questions you've proposed here.


I think it's primarily about the fighter, not the art though. It's about how an art is used, and under variable circumstances.


People forget that when you reach this level of professional training, and martial arts, the biggest deciding factor becomes.....the mind. It's the intelligence. How you implement strategy, respond and react. You could train Muay Thai everyday for 10 years, have a split second lapse of judgement or coordination, and it's lights out.


I would say if you were bringing only one specific style into a fight against another solo style, you'd probably see some statistics that would show some more effective than others.


Your examply of TKD vs MT. Personally, I think MT would (by the numbers) dominate TKD in a pure style vs style matchup. There are minimal hand strikes in TKD, which would pretty much be useless.


This is why the sport is called MMA, and why fighters are now training in a multitude of arts and disciplines. The early days of MMA were generally 1 style vs 1 style. Not now. You can't hope to be successful and maintain that with one approach to fighting.

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yup agaee with ^

As I've always said; You can be a great martial artist, but not a good fighter, and by contrast be a great fighter but not a good martial artist.


However a great martial artist that is a great fighter is what the UFC is all about now.

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