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Got Extra Parts? True story


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Greeting this will prolly not get a lot of views or posts but here it goes.......


Do you know anyone with extra parts? Seriously!!!


My mother has told me that she in fact has a dual uteris, I was shocked by hearing this at first. In fact she told me that her aunt also has the same condition, the dual uteris is where the uteris is in fact split in half but connected together.......meaning my mother could've gotten pregnant twice at the same time, which is one of the reason why she never showed she was carrying a child when she was pregnant with all kids.......


This is how she found out, during her pregnancy with my older she had found out that she cannot give birth naturally so she had a C section and thats when the doctors found this condition. It was bad. So bad that my mother almost bled out and died cos they had to go through another layer and caused her to hemorage.


That means that the loveable Caveman would've never been born!!!


This discovery scared the **** out of my mother after she heard that she almost died cos of this condition or abnormality, she then was told by her aunt that she had went through the same thing and almost died.


I find this story interesting extra parts within the body, I looked further into this and found something completey awesome.........


Adult film star Ruby(one of myu favorites) also has extra body parts......Internally of course. She has in fact 4 kidney's, no BS she says that her father was taking Fertility meds during her conception and was born with 4 kidney's.........But thats not all she was born with.


BTW do men take Fertility Meds?


Anyway she was also born with an extra strand connected to her urethra, why is this awesome you might ask............If you have ever seen any of her movies she is known as a SCREAMER!!! Many people fake it in the industry but she doesnt, the extra strand causes her to intense "Oh....Oh...O....gasms" No BS. She says that her condition makes, sex is more gratifying and intense that she goes into Seizure like convulsions and tears up whenever she does climax, and wraps herslef around you like an anaconda. The extra strand is known by her as a 2nd "G" spot.


Looking further into I found also that another one of my favs Roxanne Hall also has something similar to this, only hers is more severe and possibly more violant. Her violent actions have been caught on camera, she repeatedly says 'stop' or 'I cant' before the big O, and when it comes she doesnt try to have one, cos she goes completey mental. She will grab her partner in the scene and literally choke him or hold him down and start to talk aggressive and tells them 'dont f'n move'. And if they do she gets more violent, so they stop filming so she calms herself down. I found this out by watching one of her movies uncut and man I wish the guy doing it to her.


Apparently her Uhmmm........'climaxes' are too intense that she doesnt want to have them, not even in her private life, she loved the business but cant get off herself.


Have you guys heard of anything like this?

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That would be liver. The kidneys filter blood' date=' create urine and help break down proteins.[/quote']

Ahh my bad, I knew it was one of the two.

There's a reason I'm majoring in economics, and never took bio in high school.

Any particular reason?

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