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Should Kimbo Slice train with Bas Rutten again?


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No more, please! Kimbo was very entertaining back in the old days when he was on the net brawling with other brawlers, but let's face it. The guy's not an octagon contender. I understand he's experienced, and that should compensate for his age. But so far, only R.Couture was the only man who could fight AND WIN matches due to his experience and age. sure Gracie's come back and now Liddell and Franklin's going to put on a show. I'd rather see a fight like that anytime, everytime than watch someone who's just not enough for this sport. I watch these matches at Buffalo Wild wings and I can"t get up to go to the bathroom becuase I know Kimbo's gonna get his butt kicked and then it's on to the next match. NO offense to this guy, but seriously, Kimbo needs to go.

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