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Chuck Liddell, The Evolution.


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The big tragedy in Chuck's last loss is that his striking looked great when it was controlled.


Too bad his ego won't let him retool his game a bit to compensate for his inability to take a direct hit, and the obvious loss of KO power in his right hand.


Rich nailed it when he said Chuck has a habit of overcommitting when he thinks you're hurt. A luxury he could afford back when landing a solid right hand really meant his opponent was hurt beyond their ability to counter.


His kicks were very sharp and powerful. He outclassed rich in the striking dept. for most of the rd. He still has great TD defense.


If he could just GET IT IN HIS HEAD he doesn't rock people like he used to, he would win some fights against top level talent.


How much longer could Rich have went on with a broken arm? Especially if he received another kick which there was a high probability of in the early part of the second?


Chuck's chin isn't his worst enemy. It's his over-inflated ego, and the flock of 'yes men,' (lookin' at Hackelman,) he keeps surrounded with that can't/ won't bring him back to reality.


When you look back at his recent KO's starting with Rampage II, he was in the pocket, getting 'beat to the punch,' literally by all his opponents except Shogun, who got him from across the cage.


Many say he hasn't changed his 'old' gameplan and that he's been figured out.


I disagree. I believe he's changed his gameplan in the worst possible way. Whereas he used to be patient to let you come in and get knocked out, teasing you with flurries, but not overcommitting, now he is the KO king who is going to march right in and impose his unalterable will against you.


He still has plenty of 'juice' left in him if he puts it in his head that he's only going to concentrate on outstriking his opponent. Then he could start winning again against current top-level competition.


It sucks to see a legend go out this way.


I can only hope he'll be back in the octagon fighting with reality on his side next time.

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In my opinion Chuck hasn't lost his KO power. That is usually the last thing a fighter loses. His chin hasn't been right since the Jackson loss. Franklin hit him with a good shot but it should not have knocked him out. It wasn't really on the button it was on his upper lip and it was from Franklin's right hand. He used to be able to take a hell of a punch earlier in his career.

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i agree, he really doesnt have ko power anymore, rashad said that everytime chuck hit him, chuck would grunt or sigh, and he said it was like chuck was saying why are you still awake you should have been out from that. we are in a new age of fighters, chuck was able to knock out one trick pony fighters, i dont think he has his knockout power anymore either

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