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Topic??? Let's talk about Carwin vs Lesnar


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For Real? Who's gonna take it?


For real, either of them can win.


They are the top two HWs in the world right now.


And they still will be after their fight.


The only thing their fight will settle is who is #1 and who is #2.


And even that is temporary, I could see these two trading the belt back and forth for quite a while.

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4Real' date=' who hasn't already made a thread about this??? Carwin/Lesnar!!!! Who will win?? !LOL!!!


Carwin will win of course, and this thread is stupid. Word[/quote']


This thread was for sh*ts & giggles to annoy the Carwin/Lesnar thread haters........WORD

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There' date=' now your post isn't retarded. :rolleyes:[/quote']


Wow, I'm impressed. It's not easy to make a bezerker post not retarded. :)


You know what, I think you've opened up a whole new passtime for all of us.


Editing bezerker's posts so they're not retarded anymore. This is going to be fun!

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