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New fangled technology!


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Or: Old people say the most ****ed things!


Just throwing this out there;


Sent an email to a contact from the older generation today regarding a job we are doing together tomorrow. Sent the mail at 10 am today; he rung me at home at 9pm to say he hadn't received the email. He does this every time we work together, thank God we don't work together very often. So, I duly send it again. He rings me back to say that he's received both messages, and get this, the second send has 'pushed the other one through'. Now, I'm no techno whizz, but I don't think the internet is a pipe physically connected to my computer that messages drip through. Or is it?


Also, a week or so back, my uncle came up with something that left me and my brother blinking. My uncle called; his satellite receiver was playing up, and was convinced that (I'm assuming here) Rupert Murdoch himself had sent, I quote, 'an electromagnetic pulse' to eff the machine up as he had cancelled the extended warranty 4 months ago! When I said that I don't think that was probably the cause for the machine going wrong he was adamant that 'the pulse' was to blame, and totally within the evil grasp of BSB broadcasting. I checked the machine - the coax cable had worked loose.


Now like I say, I'm no expert - if pushed I would have to say that electricity is something that lives in my walls; but these two have actually got me wondering if my ignorance is worse than I thought. Anyone else got any examples of people who are for want of a better word, 'technoplegic'?

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