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Oxy Elite Pro??? (supplement)


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I've managed to hurt myself once again (sciatica due to either a pulled glute muscle or possible herniated disc, near 30 years old and body just aint' the same lol) and am going to slimb down a bit from my 220lb 5'11" status right now.


I picked up a bottle of this stuff after reading some really good reviews consistantly on the net. Anyone on here use this stuff? What results did you end up with?



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You ever tried weight loss pills?


Messed around with regular HydroxyCut (after efedra ban) and Hydroxycut Hardcore. I like the first better actually the hardcore made me jitter a bit and noticed occassional irregular heart beat sometimes (very small scale).


I'm a caffeine abuser and plan to drop almost all of that habbit at the same time of these pills.

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