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a bunch of UFC stats


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Most wins by a fighter- Matt hughes/Chuck Liddell - 16 each


Most losses- Tank Abbott- 10 , thats out of 18 ufc fights


Longest ufc winning streak- Anderson Silva , 9 ufc fights


Most submission wins- Royce Gracie- 11 wins by sub. earned between ufc 1 and 5


Most Ko/TKo- Chuck Liddell- 10


Most ufc titles- Randy Couture- Heavyweight belt 3 times / light heavyweight belt twice


Most ufc title fights- Randy Couture- 15 , Thats out of just 18 ufc fights.. wow


Most ufc title VICTORIES- Randy couture / matt hughes- 9 each


Most ufc fights - chuck liddell - 22 ufc fights


Highest gate revenue for a ufc event 5.1 million , ufc 83 , gsp/serra 2


Biggest crowd at a ufc event- 21,451 , ufc 97


Longest title reign-anderson silva / matt hughes / Tito Ortiz - 5 defenses each


Longest title reign(duration) - Tito Ortiz- 3 yrs 6 months 13 days- from ufc 25-ufc44


youngest fighter- Dan lauzon- 18 yrs 7 months 16 days


Oldest fighter- Ron van clief- 51yrs 11 months 21 days- lost to Royce Gracie at ufc 4


Youngest title holder- Carlos Newton 24 yrs 9 months 16 days won WW belt at ufc 31


Oldest title holder- Randy Couture- 45 yrs 5 months 26 days


longest ufc fight- Ken Shamrock vs Royce Gracie at ufc 5- 36 minutes... It ended a DRAW..


Heaviest ufc fighter- Emmanuel yarborough- 618 lbs


Fastest KO-Don Fry KO Thomas ramirez and James Irvin KO Huston Alexander- 8 seconds each (NOW BELONGS TO TOD DUFFY WITH A 7 SECOND KO OVER TIM HAGUE)


Fastest sub- Marcus Aurelio - armbar 16 seconds


Most career takedowns- Karo Parisyan - 53


Most strikes landed- Gsp - 628- This stat tallies significant strikes.


Highest striking accuracy- Anderson Silva- 76%


Most guards passes- Matt Hughes- 72

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