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Lesnar vs Carwin Preview


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Its hard to get past Brock's speed and athleticism. I really cant stanbd the guy...but its hard to imagine that anyone could actually take him out or do more damage in 3 rounds than he could. Carwin has convinced me. Brock lost to Mir the first time...and had Mir not slipped I believe he could have TKO'ed Brock....now enter Carwin....Mir was completely helpless against Carwin...and I was rooting for Mir in that fight.Wrestling is a toss up, Stand Up...I dont feel I need to even comment on this one, Clinch Carwin is gonna do more damage, on the Ground...Id say another toss up...and as far as stamina...I dont Care if Carwin hasnt been out of the 1st round, Lesnar is not gonna have more stamina than Carwin....Im gonna say Carwin by TKO in the 2nd round!!!!!

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