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Say if you were to....


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Get a random pop-up here on UFC.com by UFC.com saying that, your a luck contestant blahhh blahhhhh blahhhhhhhhhh you get to pick a UFC match in our next fight card.


like that'd be soo frekinn raww if that happened. Think about it.


One fight you want to happen..


S4ittt.. gotta go with a Demian Maia vs Chael Sonnen REPLAY so all these sonnen bandwagon, nuthuggin, ballgrabbin Anderson Silva haters will see what sonnen was.. before his fight with nate and,.. before he got a picture on the UFC homepage. And what was he, what is he? He aint s4it to Anderson Silva. Exactly what he is. :P


Ha but i'd love to see my tWo fav fighters:


Shogun Vs. A Silva.



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