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Views: TUF11 Finale & Strikeforce: Los Angeles


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First, UFC.


TUF11 Finale Ratings [mmajunkie]


Ratings for The Ultimate Fighter 11 Finale topped out with 2.4 million viewers for the Spike TV-headliner between "TUF 11" middleweight finalists Court McGee and Kris McCray.


Overall, the June 19 broadcast scored a 1.4 rating and averaged 2 million viewers, Spike TV officials today announced.


Next, Strikeforce.


Strikeforce: Los Angeles Ratings [mmajunkie]


Overall, the event averaged 164,000 viewers. Peak audiences coincided with Tim Kennedy's submission win over Trevor Prangley (196,000 viewers) and the Sobral vs. Lawler fight (197,000 viewers).


As you can see TUF11 had more than 2mil more viewers. The point of this thread, seeing how low Strikeforce has views on Showtime how do you think they'll do with Fedor and Cyborg on the card. Will they do the same? 500k? 1mil? Match TUF11? Or do better?

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The problem is spike is available to almost everyone. A lot of people (myself included) do not want to dish out extra money for a channel like Showtime.


this ^^ im sure if strikeforce was available to everyone it will have viewers close to that ... but still putting fedor on showtime is a big NO NO

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Hard to say...I have no idea why this fight card is on Showtime.....


In reality' date=' I could care less. I don't care about ratings, or PPVs, or how many people are in the arena.


I care about fights, cause I'm a fight fan. Everything else is meaningless.....[/quote']


I'm not saying it's important to the people watching it, but as to Strikeforce as a company Ratings = Money and if your biggest draw is getting around the same viewers as a card where you have a bunch of nobodies then why keep him around? He's basically drying your company out of money so that's kind of my point to this whole thing.

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