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Your reaction if Carwin KO's Brock.


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carwin will knock brocks world apart

brock better hope he dosent catch one of shanes uppercuts or he might make it into the guiness world records for the worlds longest neck

brock said, "im the BEST HW in the WORLD....BAR NONE, if shane wants to stand and trade punches he isnt going to last very long"

wtf brock are you serious?...if he really believes that and isnt just talkin sh!t, my only question is

what the h3ll brock?...have you even seen any of shane's fights???

i hope to god lesnar really does plan on standing with carwin



oh and by the way, i'd probably starting LMAO at the mere thought of how many people's entire lives will be shattered:((im talking to you SCO;))

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