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My magical 2000th post party


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As i didn't have a 1000th post thread i am having a extra magical 2000th post party.


I would like to Thank google images for getting me this far if it wasn't for google i would still be a mere 1000th posts.


And i would like to Thank the 0.5% of the forum that are civil but also up for a laugh, cayne, ufcgod1, MachidaNO1p4p are a few that spring to mind, There is others.


So please feel free to bask in my glory , because I WIN






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this is definitely where i parked my car


but god damn that fat joint is overkill. must be some bunk.


You know when I'm at a party we be smoking that kush till the morning. Passing around the phillies man so don't worry about over kill...

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i'm not sure what that is but the e that is going around here would kick the **** out of that?? not even what sure what those pills are but they would!


Don't worry I didn't know what it was either...

I have a rule' date=' if it dosen't grow out of the ground it's no good.


So only shrooms and phillies for me.


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