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Ultimate fighter finale broadcasting....

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First off is there any doubt that rogan and Goldberg are the best team in any sport, ever! never a dull moment when listening to these guys. The Ufc is blessed to have the best ever. Besides hating the Scmaltz of Strikeforce the announcers have to be the worst ever. Aspiring broadcasters please stay away from listening to Strikeforce!


Back to Saturday, it was very unfort that Rogan was out. I am not a big fan of Kenny Florian as a fighter and even less as an announcer. I know Rogan needs a day off or two, but Florian was easily overmatched on both the UFC broadcast and WEC.


True that Bonnar is even worse but in my opinion Frank Mir has always done a solid job. Why was he not asked? Also, I think Tito Ortiz has a lot of potential. Am I the only one who was annoyed by Florian's lackluster broadcasting?

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