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Top 5 Ring Entrance Artists


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Top 5 Ring Entrance Artists


Well, its time we did a piece on the top 5 ring entrance artists? you know: fighters who make it a mission in life to make most of the 3 or so minutes it takes to walk to the ring. These guys walk a fine line betwe? Aw screw that, they are attention ****s, and I love it.


1. Genki Sudo- The godfather of entrances, he brought it every time he fought both in and out of the ring. He completely understood the value of a good entrance. Some characters he has come out as ? a robot (doing the robot dance), a vampire, the musician Buckethead (complete with a KFC bucket), a pro baseball player, a Zulu warrior, a Japanese kabuki actor on a segway, a kung-fu fighter, a yakuza? As Mike Goldberg would say ?He is the Michael Jordan of ring entrances?.

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