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Sonnen has me pumped


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I want this fight to come quicker. The promo on the UFC homepage is getting me so pumped! Who are you rooting for. I'm most definitely rooting for Sonnen.


To bad Sonnen wont make it out of the first round, I predict a brutal knock by anderson, I would say flying knee to face and lights out for your boy!

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I'd love to see Sonnen win because dude is hilarious.


I can't stand to watch Silva fight at 185 anymore. He owes UFC fans an actual title defense instead of trying to clown the opponent by drunken style fighting, or acting like a monkey, hiding behind the ref, offering his opponent a helping hand off the mat- give me a break. If you don't want to fight in that weight class then move up or move out.


Not that it matters to Silva followers, but the last guy to give Silva problems was Henderson because he was a strong wrestler. Sonnen is a strong wrestler too (although not of Hendo's caliber), and I hope by some chance he can pull out a win.


Silva at 185 < the golf channel at being exciting

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