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Best comedy performance in a movie


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Sorry, but the options in the poll would be my options for the lamest comedy performance :) I guess that's got a lot to do with personal taste though...


Here are some of the all times best (in no particular order):


John Cleese - The life of Brian

Ben Stiller & Owen Willson - Zoolander

Joe Pesci & Marisa Tomei - My cousin Vinny

Eddie Murphey - Trading places

Bill Murray - Groundhog day

Jim Carey - Ace Ventura


There are plenty more that escape my memory at the moment...

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For individual performances and not the movie as a whole id have to say.


Jonah Hill - Get him to the Greek


Sean Combs - Get him to the Greek


John C. Reily - Step Brothers


Will Ferrell - Step Brothers/Anchorman/Old School


Vince Vaughn - Old School/Wedding Crashers.


Honarable mention


Jason Segel - Forgetting Sarah Marshall


For some reason in all time history Jim Carey in Ace ventura is the funniest thing to me.

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"Daddy would you like some sausage, daddy would you like some sausages"


"Im the backwards man the backwards man I can walk backwards fast as you can"


"Im a farmer daddy im a farmer daddy" *as he proceeds to grab horses donga*


Tom Green for sure but mclovin is close


"whudup gangstaaaaaaaa, chicka yea chicka yea fake i.d fake i.d" lol

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