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Things that give me an edge over the rest of the competition?


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Hello guys, i have been a long time lurker but have only made a few posts, but anyways i would like some input.


I've done martial arts my whole life, i started with taekwondo (lol) and got to the max level of tkd (international competitions) so i have a great edge over many other guys in stand up and bjj due to the flexibility and footwork gained from that. However i am always looking to be a step above the rest and am considering starting either yoga or gymnastics on the side to help with flexibility even more and core strengthening.


I would like to know if there are any other not non- martial arts things that i can do that will help me out. i am 17 years old, 5'9 165 lbs (planning to cut down to 155) I have a gym membership and take Bjj, boxing and have done tkd previously for a long time.


Thank you very much:)

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