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Chuck and the Future


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Liddell is an invaluable link to the UFC"s past and present.


IHe represnts the Evolution of the game from homemade Gyms and tough guts to the bright lights of Las Vegas and professional, specialized fight camps and cable contracts.


Everybody (except Tito) respects Chuck.

The rest of us? We can't get enough UFC on Spike.




They Should have a show called something like "UFC UNDERCOVER"

And send Chuck out as a host to:


-- Interview the old Fighters, refs and organizers.


-- Review old fights and interview the guts invilved


-- Go into current camps and learn about emerging strategies


-- Go to the best of the best and examine techniques


-- send him overseas to take a look at the emerging venues in the UFC and the fighters lives and training (Introducing European and Asian Fighters) to the emerging markets and to track how MMA as a whole works in those places.

Going to smaller shows. tracking prospects, highlighting up and comers.


I just basically want a twice a week show devoted to MMA. Look at how the NFL rolls... NFL films, NFL Network, Live Sundays...


It's going to get there but I'm 40 now. I was there for UFC One... I want this to pop now, I don't want to wait ten years... 24/7. Let's go Dana.

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Sorry for the spelling and syntax. I have two very small children who pluck the keys from the keyboard and I have a hell of a time putting them back in the right place... when I can find them.


If you noticed I just switched the "E" and the "R" back.

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J.J. I think Dana would go the extra mile to get him there. There is also something about Chuck, that he will ask blunt questions, take no **** and really drill into the Material. You can always toss in a side kick to give Chuck Some color.

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