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what was that Shane Carwin drank at 116?


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Look at Shane Carwin's entrance to the cage at 116 and right before he gets the vaseline his cornerman passes him a black label bottle and Shane Carwin drinks some of it. That bottle has printed writing on the label that covers the entire bottle, you will also notice one of the men that ushered Shane Carwin in the red coat takes notice of it and asks the cornerman what is that? and it appears he says water--the bottle is then put away


After the first round Shane Carwin is now drinking from a clear water bottle with the UFC label on it...where did the other bottle go? If it was water, why not drink from that?


Shane Carwin at the end of the fight said his body seized up and has never happened before


What was that he drank?...I have never seen a bottle of water that has a complete black label covering it with printed writing all over it

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I thought it was something red in it like powerade or sumthin...doesn't really matter cuz I believe that some of the fighters take chit before the fight anyway like Koschek and Penn. Just my opinion. I say let em all juice up before a fight, then will get kamikaze crazy **** type fights.

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