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Funny Anderson Silva Interview/Dance


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I wonder what he does to his doll when they are alone. Nevermind I really don't want to know.


oh SNAP.

you didnt just go there did you?


I wonder what you do to your sister when your alone. Nevermind i dont want to know


thats right, you jump to the immediate defense of your hero.

that A hole hussein ( or whatever his name is.... probably an Iraqi) just talked some serious smack about a guy who is so awesome you use a picture of him to represent yourself on an online chat forum.


he might as well have kicked your dog, or sleep raped you.


well that is simply not the business.


not in my hizzy, thats for schnizzle.



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Anderson Silva is hilarious. Good vid.


I dont understand how anyone can hate on Anderson Silva' date=' that video is proof that he is a good guy who is hilarious and loves the fans. That being said it is easy to see in his reactions that he doesnt consider sonnen on his level, and plans on destroying him, and by that i mean finishing him.[/quote']




That was an awesome video thanks to the op. And Bones you're right you can see in his facial expressions and body language that he knows he's gonna destroy Chael... I CAN NOT WAIT!

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