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Crank Dat Forum Boy


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Forum boy up in dis h0!

Watch me post and watch me troll!

Watch me crank dat forum boy den supaman punch dat h0!

Now watch me YOUUU(flame the troll

YOUUU(play with spam)

YOUUU(predict a ban)

YOUUU(jiu jitsu roll)


Forum boy up in dis h0

Watch me nut hug watch me love brock

Supaman punch dat h0

Den watch me hug GSPs jock

Supa fresh, watch me love brock

brockin on them haters mang

When I do dat Forum Boy

I lean to da left and MUAY THAI KICK his head


I'm rockin yo' b*tch ****

And when we get to grapplin'

I'm trianglin' yo b*tch ****!

Catch me on your local forum

Yes I am there every day

Noobs gettin mad

Cuz I got Silva via Rape

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