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Quick and easy Solution for the Gulf Coast oil leak discovered!


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That's right. The Sham-WOW! Time to put it to good use!!! Hell, it probably could have even saved New Orleans.


i bought two orders of the slap chop a couple months ago. gave one of them away as a gift. Should have gave them both away, as that thing was pure crap! I am much faster with a knife, and the thing does not break up my weed anywhere near as efficiently as my coffee grinder, so i really don't know what else i can do with it. And just for the record, I really did not love his nuts, and I do not seem to be getting skinnier again, one slap at a time.

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why dont we take all the worlds water and contain it somwhere like mars or some shit


and then mass produce brita water filters by beaches


and then syphon all the water from mars to the filters


and then BAM! clean fucking water!



solved bitcchess

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