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Bisping vs. Akiyama in the works for UFC 120 in UK


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I can't be the only one who thinks that this fight is gonna be awesome' date=' am I?[/quote']


yeah your the only one. Bisping and awesome fight don't go together. He runs and pot shots and only stops lower level guys. He ran from Leben the whole fight. He ran from Hamill. The only fight Ive ever enjoyed was watching Henderson break his jaw and rupture his ear-drum last year for KO of the MIllenia. **** Michael Bisping. Only a Brit can be a fan. He wouldnt even be in the UFC if Dana didn't want the UK's business and he needs to sell someone. He has him and Hardy. I like Hardy a lot more but the UK will never have a strap, cause they can't wrestle.

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I think Pearson has a shot. We will know alot more about him after his next fight.


You are right' date=' the British dont wrestle, they fight.


wrestlers are athletes, not fighters.[/quote']


I agree Pearson always gives it his all in his fights.

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