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Welcome back Big John Mccarthy


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Why did Big John disappear in the first place?


Although retired as a referee for UFC events' date=' he is a tactical instructor at the LAPD police academy and trains combat referees at REFS Academy (Ring Experienced Fight Specialists).[2'] On December 31, 2004, McCarthy served as the referee for a fight held on the K-1 Dynamite! card at the Osaka Dome in Osaka, Japan between MMA legend Royce Gracie and Sumo legend-turned-fighter Akebono Taro.


On December 7, 2007, McCarthy stated that he would retire as the UFC's head referee after officiating the Roger Huerta/Clay Guida match at The Ultimate Fighter: Team Hughes vs. Team Serra Ultimate Finale card on December 8, 2007.[3] He is now an analyst for The Fight Network's coverage of UFC events.[4]


In early 2008, McCarthy started a referee and judging course for MMA officials called COMMAND (Certification of Officials for Mixed Martial Arts Development). COMMAND is the only nationally recognized training and certification program backed by the A.B.C.(Associations of Boxing Commissions) for mixed martial arts referees and judges.


On July 19, 2008, McCarthy's affiliation with UFC rival Affliction became public, as he provided fight commentary and post-fight interviews. McCarthy made his return to officiating MMA on November 21, 2008, at the event Strikeforce: Destruction.

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Yeah I think there was some bad blood because be bashed the UFC for something like pay. Then there was something also the Las Vegas athletic commission stated that they had a problem. That if he was a ref and had fighters fighting out of his gym then he couldn't ref in Vegas because ref's are picked at random for fights and were worried he would be partial to fighters from his gym. Because he made a comment like I'd hate to see my guys lose. Something along those lines.

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