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Thai Clinch


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Because under the unified rules, as interpretted and implemented by the UFC, it is much more likely to be taken down and held in place for a decision loss. The one disadvantage of the Thai clinch with knees is leaving that leg for a TD.


In PRIDE, fighting off your back was commonplace and a fight was judged according to who did the most damage over the course of the fight, so getting taken down wasn't looked at as such a bad thing, and Muay Thai knees were more common.


Again the damn rules set up to protect wrestlers ruining another aspect of MMA.

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Why do alot of guys who were great from the thai clinch not use it anymore? I know some of the reasons' date=' im just curious what you guys have to say about it. Ex: Anderson hasnt used it since the Franklin fights, and Shogun hasnt used it as much as he did in pride[/quote']


My guess would be because they know people will defend it well now by keeping good posture limiting the distance and swimming inside or punching to swim for inside control. It can also open you up for takedowns if you can't keep them off balance. I just think that now everyone got better at defending it and or avoiding it all together.

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