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Lil Nog vs. Thiago Silva


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i agree with the match up but not for the #1 contender because rampage is coming of a lose so no.




Dont think Rampage is ready/or deserves a title shot. Against Shogun he would get owned. Again.


He will deserve a shot if he has wins over both Machida and either Thiago or Rogerio.

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This fight needs to happen! The winner of this fights the winner of Machida vs. Rampage to be #1 contender after Rashad' date=' and the loser fights the loser of Machida/Rampage.




Great fight.

Rogerio by TKO in the second.

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This has FOTY all over it.


Though Silva I think is the better striker of the two Lil' Nogs hands are still nothing to fool around with.

Gotta give Lil' Nog the edge on the ground based on the one fact of his last name.


Would be a very very entertaining fight everywhere, but after both of their last performances I would give the edge to Silva because Brilz made that fight with Lil' Nog pretty close


I think Thiago by KO not tko but KO in the mid to late first round, he showed in his last fight with Shad' that His cardio isn't up to par and I think he would try to finish quickly, I like Nog, but I think a determined Thiago is a very very dangerous one.

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