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Roy Nelson


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If he defeats JDS he deffinalty deserves a shot at Brock' date=' although i really really feel sorry for him if its true i see this....









....sigh....poor marshmallow man.....


LMAO so true. Lets hope Nelson looses to JDS, Marshmellow Man V The Hulk would be too painful to watch.

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He would get the shot (vs Cain)


But he won't' date=' JDS will get the shot (vs Cain)


And we will finally have the true heavyweight battle of all time.[/quote']


if you honestly think cain can beat lesnar your retarted the only guy that can beat lesnar is carwin

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Nelson is good i like him haha i didnt on the show he was a bit of a terd and a know it all but i kinda like him now however JDS in my opinnion was more deserveing of a shot than Carwin and I doubt Nelson will get by JDS if he does ... I think he should fight Carwin or something before a title shot but w.e Dana has spoken however ... that dosnt really mean much

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