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Title contenders in each division


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Lightweight: Florian vs Maynard will determine the next opponent for the champ. After them we have Dunham climbing the ladder, if Dunham is able to defeat Sherk he's probably one more fight away from title shot. Jim Miller if he's able to beat Tibau, is also one fight away. Dunham vs Miller would be good. GSot is really close as well. One of those 3 will be the next contender after Florian/Maynard.


Welterweight: After Kos***** the picture is not as clear. If Fitch defeats Alves it's clear but if he doesn't we won't have a #1 contender right away. We also have Shields taking on Kampmann and Hughes taking on Almeida. I say the winner in each of those fights should fight for the next contender. Im not forgetting the WEC champ either, Condit, if he surpasses Hardy I say give him the Fitch/Alves loser to keep his contention high.


Middleweight: Belfort patiently awaits the winner out of Silva/Sonnen. Climbing the MW ladder we Belcher, Wandy, Leben, Okami, and I would say Bisping. Marquardt and Maia are out of the picture for now but if Silva decides to move up, they're at the top.


Light Heavyweight: Shogun will be back next year to defend his title against Rashad. Lyoto and Rampage will get it on as the winner will probably get a title shot or maybe face Couture as he EASILY gets passed Toney. The winner out of Bader/Nogueira is also up for contention... and now Bones Jones, who will he get after the janitor, i say Franklin.


Heavyweight: Brock and Cain...and i cant wait!!! Nelson and dos Santos also battling for next shot, then nobody really, Mir and Carwin have to win 2 straight i think.

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For lightweight, I would imagine that if the Dunham beats Sherk then he and G-Sot would fight for the No. 1 contendership after Florian and Maynard.


For welterweight, with the amount of time it's going to take to do the ultimate fighter and then have Kos and GSP fight, I think there'll be time for the winner of Shields vs Kampmann and the winner of Alves vs Fitch to fight for the No. 1 spot.


For middleweight, Chael Sonnen, then Vitor Belfort, and I have no clue after that. I'd say Demian Maia, Alan Belcher, Chris Leben, and Nate Marquardt are all in the mix in some way or another, as well as Mark Munoz if he beats Okami, Bisping and Wandy working their way up, and then people like Palhares, Sakara, and Harris coming up on everyone too. Hopefully it'll have been partly resolved by the time Chael, Vitor, and Anderson have all fought it out.


For light heavyweight, I'd say Machida, Rampage, the winner of Lil Nog vs Bader and the winner of Jones vs Matyushenko are all the particularly relevant players.


The winner of Cain vs Brock vs the winner of JDS vs Big Country for heavyweight, no idea what happens after that.

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