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What do you guys think about this?


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I'm not a Silva fan... and believe me GOD believe me I really want to see Anderson vs GSP and or Anderson vs Shogun..




Look people he is 35 and prior to all of this hes expressed his feelings on retiring soon.So maybe he just plans to clean out the MW division and then retire as the best fighter of all time?


Maybe he doesn't want as hard of a path considering retirement is right around the corner for him?


Maybe hes just scared to lose?



All I know is Anderson Silva is becoming a drama queen I and I hope Sonnen does beat a hole through his face ( I doubt it). But he is an amazing fighter and for whatever reason he chooses to stay at MW permanently lets not complain. Lets just enjoy him as the amazing fighter he is love him or hate him.



Hopefully GSP steps up to the plate and comes to 185 to get a crack at Anderson... And I know Shogun wouldn't move down but he could.

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