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Interview - James WIlks


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The Real James Brett Wilks


Written by: britishranger


You never want to be hit by lightning? that is the fighter called Lightning - James "Lightning" Wilks. He shot to fame by winning the Ultimate Fighter welterweight division in season 9 ? The U.S vs The U.K. It was on the show that the world saw for the first time how good a fighter Wilks actually was, as the Brit boys dominated and surprised their American adversaries.


James was 5-2 when the UFC asked him to appear on the British team on the show, but he had to beat the very highly rated Che Mills to get on the show . Once there Wilks did not look back. His next fight was against a very game Frank Lester who was no match for him as Wilks quickly tapped Lester out in the second round moving him another step closer to the final. In the Semi Finals Wilks was booked, but due to events on the show Frank Lester was to come back and beat Dave Faulkner for another shot at Wilks after Dana White sent home Jason Pierce. Well unfortunately for Lester fans ?Lightning? does strike twice and James Wilks won by TKO due to wicked knee?s setting up a spot on the finale of the show and a chance at the six figure contract....

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