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ladies and gentlemans ... the chael sonnen era is upon us !


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The more i think of it , the more i feel sorry for crappy andy (tm GOD1) i mean hes gonna get owned BADLY , sonnen will put him on his back and beat the hell out of him , sonnen will beat silva to a living coma , like i predicted the shogun era in the past i here by officially predict the chael sonnen era , this thread and along with others will get bumped come fight night ... anderson silva doesn't know what's coming ! silva is gonna leave Oakland with a hole in his face and his tail between his legs , i guarantee without a shadow of a doubt that chael sonnen will humiliate anderson silva for 5 rounds ...





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Wow dude! Even SCO had the balls to man up when he got called out on his trolling.


i have other bets to respect , besides and i don't make account bets ... i have an avatar bet and 2 sig bets what more should i do to show how confident i am lol :P

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And after the Sonnen era will come every UK person has been waiting for






Idk I heard alot of people don't even like him in the UK:p


I don't see him being champion ever. Ross Pearson or Terry Etim though I think atleast one of those two will be champs one day.

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