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Nah I don't think so. GSP is great at utilising wrestling in an MMA environment, but Olympic wrestling is a completely different story in terms of technique and skill level.


Got maximum respect for GSPs wrestling pedigree, but I don't think he'd do too well in the Olympics.

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No' date=' pure wrestling is a completely different sport in sooo many ways and he would get his **** handed to him.


And I'm saying this a huge GSP fan.[/quote']


I actually agree with this being a wrestler myself (GSP is also my Fav fighter)...the pure sport is much dif. GSP's wrestling and control are more suited for MMA rather than pure wrestling. His opponents have to worry about his sub attempts and strikes while wrestling, big difference. Though if all GSP did was train with Olympic level wrestlers and didn't train anything else. Who is to say a man with that kind of talent couldn't do it. His pure athleticism is at a high enough level to compete for sure. Just my thoughts though...cheers!

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