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Battle Of No.1 Ranked: Sunabe (Pancrase) vs Tahara (Shooto)


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Battle Of No.1 Ranked: Sunabe (Pancrase) vs Tahara (Shooto) | Steve Rattlesnake


According to N.O.B., Pancrase’s no.1 ranked flyweight Mitsuhisa Sunabe is set to take on Shooto’s no.1 ranked flyweight Shinpei Tahara in Pancrase 2010 Passion Tour dubbed as “Shooto vs Pancrase 2″ on September 5 at Differ Ariake Tokyo, Japan. Other fights includes Manabu Inoue vs Tashiro Akai for the BW King of Pancrase. Also expected to participate are Ryo Kawamura, Masahiro Toryu, Eriya, Daisuke Hanazawa, Kusa MAX, Daisuke Watanabe, Takafumi Ito, Kenji Arai, Masaomi Saito, Yuhei Fukuda.

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