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Chael Sonnen Scholarship


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Chael Sonnen is set to fight Anderson Silva for the MW title on August 7th. August 8th will be the day that the Chael Sonnen MMA Moron Scholarship will be created. Why is it going to be created you ask? I have the answers for you:


Chael Sonnen is the only person idiotic enough to talk crap to the best P4P fighter on the planet. This in itself should get a scholarship named after him. The real reason though, will be because Silva is going to leave Sonnen handicapped, physically and mentally.


This scholarship will make it possible for all idiots that talk crap and get whooped in a fight, to go to college and try to receive an education. That is if they can go through one class period without having flashbacks to said fight and spazzing out.


How do you earn this scholarship you say? Well, just be an idiot like Chael Sonnen. Call out the best fighter of your gym, say ridiculous things to him. Tell him his BJJ black belt is like getting a toy in your happy meal. Once he utterly wrecks you in your fight and you are left handicapped for the rest of your life, you can then apply for this scholarship.


Chael Sonnen has said that he will personally review all applications for this scholarship after the bout. He will find the biggest dbag out there besides him, and accept his application. You hear that Tito Ortiz? This is your chance bruh.

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There is one problem with your scholarship. How will Chael Sonnen review applications when he lacks the ability to sustain competent thought?


He never had a logical process of thinking to begin with. So why does it matter? Haha.

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