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UFC 117 Main Event


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I wonder what Anderson Silva is gonna turn up on August 7th? As much as i dont like him, i think well see Silva back to his best against Sonnen. He's been backed into corner which he needs to fight his way out of and he also has some motivation (from Sonnen's trash talk) which he probaly hasnt had in a long time.


I also think the UFC have probably pushed Sonnen to go as far as he has with the insults to piss Silva off and make sure accually fights to his best. Ive only followed Cheal in his last few fights so i dont know if hes known for his trash talk in all his fights, but its certainly made things more interesting.


Personally id love to see Anderson Silva lose but i just cant see it happening.

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if sonnen gets him down, i can see it being a bad night for silva. sonnen is a strong grappler as well as being physically strong. theres not much chance of a stand-up because hes always working too, and his cardio is great so he can do it all night. and in the eyes of the judges, the longer silva spends on his back, the more likely they are to give a decision to sonnen

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Here is why it will not go to a decision unless Anderson does his dancing.

There will be five rounds.

Regardless of if Cheal gets Anderson to the ground, the round will be started with them standing.

That's a possible five times Cheal will have to stand with Anderson.

That alone just doesn't look very promising.

I'm thinking it's going to be a short fight.

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