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who wants to see chael sonnin..


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so sonnin has been chatting allot, he seems to think the whole world wants to see him give anderson a whooping, i figured i would ask you guys what you want to see in this fight..


chael on espn


Responding to Silva's lack of promotional work in the build-up to the fight, with the champion claiming he prefers to do his talking in the ring, Sonnen insisted it was time he was taught some respect come August 7.


"He comes on here and says something stupid as though he's saying some Nobel Prize winning statement. He couldn't have this industry more backwards.


"It's shocking that he actually believes and then stands there with his chest out like we should all pat him on the back and go, oh, good job Anderson. You're training really hard. Well, guess what dummy, I've been training really hard since I was nine years old and I still have time to bring interest to what people see in me with your **** on August 7."



now anderson doesnt have to promote his fights he is one of the greatest fighters on the planet... so why does sonnin havve to promote ? cause no one has heard of him....


i find it funny that a guy with 7 out of 10 of his losses being submissions has any cause to critisize the people he has, the guy is on a 3 fight win streak should he even be fighting for the title seeing as none of the guys his beat are even in title contention.


back to the point what do you guys wanna see ?

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