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Will Siva Dance


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i would bet every chael sonnen fans on here 100 bucks each that he wont win.


There are no Chael Sonnen fans, just people who understand that due to the stylistic match up of this fight, Sonnen is a threat. Of course I think Anderson will win, but to say Anderson is just gonna clown around like he did with Maia and Leites who could do nothing to him shows that whoever says it is a ****.

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I think it would be really bad for the sport if Sonnen was to beat Anderson.


the champs would then be:


Lesnar: Wrestler

Shogun: Muay Thai

Sonnen: Wrestler

GSP: Wrestler

Frankie: Wrestler


a little more variety is needed in the champs.


Or people just need to work on TDD lol.

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