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MMA Fantasy Draft???


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I guess I'm surprised and a bit disappointed when I see these threads because I automatically assume they are actual "drafts" where users take turns picking certain fighters and tracking their performance against the choices of the other users. I wonder why this hasn't been done yet. If anyone would like to give it a shot, I think I'd like to give it a try as well.


Obviously there isn't the instant gratification there would be in a fantasy draft of say, baseball, but I think this will still work. Hypothetically, let's say five people agree to do this and each pick three or four fighters from each weight class. We'll take turns picking fighters and assign points based on the winning method of their subsequent fight and only four fighters can be added to the total score after each event. The user with the highest score, of course wins the round.


This would obviously come down to MMA knowledge because while you would want fighters that guarantee you wins, it would also be in the competitor's best interest to choose fighters that finish fights or are "relative sleepers" in the UFC right now. Also, fighters that fight more often would give the user greater choices when selecting winning fighters to put in their four slots at the given event. Obviously, there would be a fair way to determine the draft order, the 2nd round would start in the reverse direction, and no fighter could be selected twice.


In summary, I think it'll be fun. Post if you think it's worth trying out or just let the thread rot if you think it's garbage. If there is enough interest I'll try to put together some rules and stuff. :P

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