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Choose your fate #2


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Props to Dcent on the origional thread, i think i will do the same thing will different scenarios!



Ok, so play along...


"Your life has been going down hill very fast for quite a while, so you decide that the only way to end the living nightmare that your life is suicide. You decide to jump off a Bridge late at night, to make sure nobody see's you kill yourself. You go along to a bridge, and let yourself fall. You shut your eyes, as waiting to hit the ground, you open your eyes to see yourself in a dark room (i know its stupid, please play along lol). You are met by a midget in a cloak, who says

"I am god, and i am giving you one last shot at life. As you lived your life as a sinner, here are your options"



Option #1


You will live in a world where Feminists have taken over the world by nagging the government so much that ever so slightly the laws have changed to favour women. This was not to bad until the queen feminist took over as the President of America, then threatend, bribed, and blackmailed every single country to have a women take control of every country.


The women acted fast. Killing all good looking or fun girls who they were jealous of. Then making all men the slaves to women. You will spend the rest of your life slaving away for the feminists, living in fear because if you try and fight back the women will tourture you by strapping you to a table, blending you gentlemen vegetables, nagging you constantly whilst you are made to build a monument dedicated to showing that Women are superior to Men. If you try to escape you will be tied to a table, and receive 100 whips to your body.After your torture you will be realised, to live your nightmare life.



Option #2


You live in a world where you are the last human on earth. You are being hunted by aliens who have taken over the world. The only thing that you can eat is the alien crap, the only thing you can drink is alien urine. You are forced to live in a horrible dirty cave, that makes you feel sick, exhausted, and depresses 24/7. Once or twice a week the aliens find you, and brutaly beat you, then rape you. Your only chance of living a free life is to kill the entire alien population. This is close to impossible, and if you fail, which you would, you would be sliced 100 times, each cut more painful than the last, and each carefully placed to make sure you dont die. After your torture you will be realised, to live your nightmare life.


So, what would you choose?

and theres no way out, you have to choose one :P

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