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Most Disgusting Video You Have Ever Seen


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LOL. go to this one people. Its not even that bad :rolleyes: . Its just about 2 girls hitting eachother with a cup :P


man the girls in the payroll department called me at like 8am on my day off a few years back to get me to watch it....


needless to say I dry-heaved on speakerphone.





I still don't know what 4 relatively hot chicks were doing sitting around watching it.

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3 guys 1 hammer is by far the worst of them all.

I just watched some of it. Icouln't watch all of it.

I would love to torture the people in that video. They are sick.


i hate seeing that there are people like that in this world . Its stupid to torture people. Everyone should be at peace with eachother

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