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Not a fan of the new site


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its so so' date=' not really an improvement in any way really. Sometimes the site crashes on me or is in spanish so thats fun. But now I just ignore everything and scroll alllllll the way down to check out the new forums and thats it. Or whatever new video they put up[/quote']


Amen to that brother. This new ish is like friday without Chris Tucker.

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Not a fan of the new ufc site. Its not exactly user friendly and the fight cards are not as easy to access. Not to mention they are slow.




I'm just using wiki to see a fight card now.

I used to like the old UFC site where I could check the events, click on a fighter to see his details/stats, where the vids had good quality and ran smoothly.

Hell, I even could with one click access the forum.


I guess the UFC hired Strikforce's web designers

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