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Michael Bisping looks forward to fighting in Sydney! maybe not!


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Michael Bisping looks forward to fighting in Sydney! maybe not!


Aussies do not like the Poms. Especially now that the Poms owned them in the Ashes series they probably hate them even more (if that is possible). And in about a month an Englishman by the name of Michael Bisping (you may have heard of him) will fight Jorge Rivera in a middleweight bout at UFC 127 in Sydney Australia.


Bisping is under no illusions about how he will be welcomed in Australia. He was booed viciously and relentlessly the last time he was there for UFC 110 ? chants of ?Bisping is a wanker? were heard all around the arena. He also feels that he was robbed of a victory by the Australian judges when he fought Wanderlei Silva at the same event.


He recently blogged for the Channel 9/MSN website and had this to say:


In addition to meeting a tough and rugged opponent at UFC 127, I?ll also be returning to Sydney and the Australian fans, many of whom don?t exactly carry a membership for the ?Michael Bisping Fan Club?.


At my last appearance Down Under I was booed heavily at Acer Arena at UFC 110 and I?m still clueless as to why.

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